an Award-Winning Product

KinderStep® went through numerous iterations before adopting its final design. Our goal was to ensure its shape would enhance, rather than interfere with contemporary spaces. Our concept has been rewarded with one of the most coveted prizes in the field of design: the Red Dot Award.
KinderStep impressively shows how a simple idea and a clever design can help to solve everyday problems such as sink accessibility for children.
— Red Dot Award Jury
One thing we have learned from these difficult times, is that washing our hands saves lives. Twenty years after their massive adoption, young families expect more from public restrooms than just baby changing tables. They are dissatisfied with this situation:
KinderStep Solution

Straining their back to lift their child

Squeezing their child against the counter

Child failing to reach the sink and the soap

Wet counter tops soaking the clothes

Messy and dangerous splashed floors


KinderStep Product
KinderStep Product


Two steps
Soft antislip tread
No pinch points or sharp edges
Anchored to the floor
1000 lb (450 kg) load bearing capacity
Built to last over one million cycles
10-year warranty
KinderStep Product
KinderStep Product


Contemporary silhouette
Unobstructive to taller users
Enclosed anchors and mechanism
Free of cavities and other dirt traps
Easy to clean
Available in black, grey and white
Quick to install


KinderStep Specifications
KinderStep Specifications
Antislip tread
Rubberized material|Coefficient of friction ≃ 1.0
Two-step module and lateral caps
Recyclable polyethylene
Powder coated 5052 aluminum
Painted 316 (A4) stainless steel
Galvanized Steel | Require 4 holes in the floor: ⌀4.5 mm (3/16") ↧65 mm (2 1/2")
Inside components
Galvanized Steel | Marine grease-coated 17-7 stainless steel | 316 (A4) stainless steel | Polyurethane
Load capacity
450 kg (1000 lb)
Available in black, grey and white
Limited warranty
10 years
610 x 380 x 250 mm (24 x 15 x 10")
Net weight
7 kg (15 lb)
Shipping dimensions
610 x 380 x 250 mm (24 x 15 x 10")
Shipping weight
8 kg (18 lb)

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KinderStep Client
KinderStep Client
KinderStep Client
KinderStep Client
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